Peeks And Bits...

All fruit trees are planted. In stead of a zig zag line in the direction of the road, I had to go with one going towards the hill. We have a Catalpa tree shading the area they would have gone. Let's just say The Captain has not done away with it, as I have strongly requested. That would be it in the far left corner of the picture below. Click the pic to enlarge and you will see the fruit trees.All the stepping stones are in place and the pond with it's season temporary liner are finished. The water is murky from clay being washed off the children's feet and their rocks.(how am I suppose to clean that out?) Bonnie enjoyed it as well. She discovered it while following me throughout the garden, as I dug up the clumps of grass growing. She bathed in it a good 5 minutes before heading back to brag to Clyde. (who wants nothing to do with odd, a duck who does not like deep water? Although Frog did bring a chick over for her "bath". Thankfully I caught her before it was too late. A stern 'chicks do not take bathes talk' was issued.)
You can see the Bee hive's placement in the below picture. Thought I would share our sod roof toad house by the pond, I previously mentioned. We used a broken clay pipe - broke out one side so the bottom is dirt as toads prefer and the top is the pipe. We laid the grass sod thick pieces on top of the pipe and made an entry way with wide stones. Just have to remember to water it, so the grass will not dry out.I made a trip to the wine supply store for some equipment. I should not have spent the many as of yet, which my trip was just to get the yeast...I got corks (taster's corks are my preference-20 cents each- since they have the black plastic tops making it easier to remove without use of a cork screw)
A Hydrometer ($5.99)~ which helps measure potential alcohol content, sugar content, and when fermention is done and bottles can be corked.
A nylon straining bag ($3.99)~ to remove the must, seeds, and such.
A tube of pH indicator strips ($1.99)~ since a few recipes seem to call for these.
2 different airlocks~cap lost from my previous one
A bottle of wine conditioner($4.49)~ an additive to sweeten wine that is not as sweet to my taste and I do not waste a batch.
And yeast (49 cents) 1 packet will do 5 gallons
I will be stopping at the craft store to check out the candle making supplies. I can't wait to use that Bee's wax. Here is a link to a question I asked on the forum on how I use the older wax for candle making. Some great pics and methods were shared. ( and when I say "organic" it is referring to HIM not using chemicals. Not about the bee's or honey).
Sweet dreams,