Design Studies: Viral Ads - Continued

I had posted a rather lengthly post previously about viral ads and why companies chose to go down that route. While still in the studio on a Friday evening, I was surfing the internet checking out some other virals that are out there, so here are my findings and my thoughts on them.

Quicksilver Dynamite Surfing is a good example I just came across. No pun was intended with the previous mention of "surfing" the internet, however! What's clever about it, and somewhat unusual is the products Quicksilver aim to sell are not particularly depicted however unlike the Cadbury's example I gave before - there is a connection, as Quicksilver produce surfing (along with other "extreme sports") clothing.

I found that example on youtube, and via that came across EFFT, - a blog that is dedicated to collecting links to innovative marketing strategies.

The above is a fantastic example of where viral ads are headed. The only problem is, once something new and memorable has been done - thats it, it becomes redundant for future virals. The point is that your viral must be different to whats already been seen. How else are people supposed to remember yours for its originality, if a similar thing has been done in the past? Pushing the boundaries further and further into the realm of nonsensical advertising means it will eventually come to a halt, as eventually (and I hope not in my lifetime, as I enjoy them so much) there will  be nothing new to do. Below, I have included a behind the scenes video, explaining how they managed to create such a film. Find the original at: The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience – Behind The Scenes. There, you can also see the New York version.

Now, the silly dance routine has been done a million times over. I know what I have said above about not doing something someone has already done - but certain silly dance routines, in my book, never get that little bit too old. Enjoy:

Wedding Video
Evolution of Dance
American Music Awards Promo